Carinata Basics
  • 06 Sep 2022
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Carinata Basics

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Article summary

What is carinata?

Carinata is Ethiopian mustard, a non-edible brassica oilseed that produces oil for the production of sustianble aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel (RD) and other renewable fuels. The meal is high in protein and can be used as animal feed. It is approved in beef and poultry. In addition to its economic benefits, it also has the many benefits of a cover crop. It is grown in the cool season in the Southern US and harvested in the spring so it can be grown in addition to summer cash crops.

What is the market potential for carinata?

Nuseed Carinata contracts are available in the Southern United States for the 2022-23 cover crop season.

What does carinata seed look like?

Carinata seed looks much like canola, mustard or kale seed.


Where has carinata been grown?

Nuseed is currently increasing commercial production in Argentina and conducting expansion programs in South America and the United States. Initial research and market development programs are also underway in Europe and Australia.

Why is carinata considered a carbon neutral oilseed?

In addition to being an independently certified and sustainable low–carbon fuel source that can replace fossil fuel, Nuseed Carinata also effectively removes carbon from the air as it grows and restores soil carbon down through the crop’s biomass and extensive roots to regenerate soil health and sequester carbon in the process.

How many pounds of carinata seed equate to a gallon of jet fuel?

One gallon of Sustainabile Aviation Fuel (SAF) is produced from ~25 pounds of carinata grain or half a bushel.

What products other than aviation fuel can carinata oil be converted into?

Carinata oil can be converted into a range of fuel and chemical products. Primary products include Renewable Diesel, SAF, renewable marine fuels and biodiesel. In addition, the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) technology platform produces coproducts such as biobased propane, gasoline blending components and feedstocks for a range of base chemicals and bioplastics.

Can I grow carinata in a cover crop mix?

No. You will not be able to obtain a carinata contract or seed if it will be mixed in a cover crop. Currently it is contract grown for non-food low-carbon energy feedstock.

Will carinata seed be treated when I purchase and if so, with what chemicals?

Nuseed carinata planting seed will be treated with Prosper Evergol™.

Where can I find more information on carinata?

Information related to carinata focusing specifically on its commercial potential for the southeastern U.S. can be found at The Southeastern Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata's website.

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