Stand Management
  • 06 Sep 2022
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Stand Management

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What does an acceptable stand of carinata look like?

Planting 5 lb seed/acre is equivalent to 12 seeds per square foot. An acceptable end-of-season plant density is 6 to 10 plants per square foot. Carinata is 'plastic' and can compensate for reductions in plant density by increasing plant growth and branching. Replanting should only be considered if there is catastrophic stand loss within an acceptable planting window.

Can I drop in and plant next to an existing stand if i have poor stands?

Planting into an existing stand is only recommended if the replanting is done within an acceptable planting window.

What are the stages of growth where water availability is critical?

Adequate soil moisture is required in the top inch of soil for germination and emergence. Adequate water is also required at the bolting, flowering, and pod development stages to maximize yield.

Is lodging common in carinata?

Carinata's sturdy stem resists lodging in the first half of its growth cycle. Heavy pod set that is typical of hybrid varieties during the pod development stage will result in some degree of lodging of the upper third of the plant. The stem may buckle (stem lodging) while the root system remains intact. This is normal and will not affect the maturity or harvestability of the carinata stand. In rare instances, the crop may lodge at the soil level due to a failure of the root–soil anchorage system (root lodging) typically after several rain events. Sclerotinia stem rot can affect all parts of the stem and may also lead to lodging.

Does lodging affect the drydown of carinata?

Stem lodged carinata will continue to mature and dry down, but the rate of drying will differ between the upper and lower canopy. The use of a desiccant can even the maturity for harvest. Effective coverage in a lodged crop can be challenging. Using a high spray volume applied under higher pressure and smaller droplets will improve penetration into the lodged canopy and likely increase the effectiveness of the desiccant.

Can growth regulators be used to prevent lodging in carinata?

The effect of plant growth regulators on carinata canopy structure and lodging is inconclusive.

I see carinata pods aborting, what is happening?

The abortion of carinata pods is normal, however, higher than normal rates of abortion (>25%) may be the result of high temperature or drought, nutrient deficiency, herbicide injury, or physical damage from heavy rainfall or insect feeding.

What do the developmental stages look like for carinata?

Carinata developmental stages can be found on pages 2 and 3 of the carinata production guide.

Is there a growing degree day (GDD) calculator for carinata?

A carinata-specific calculator is not available, however, growing degree days can be calculated for locations in FL and GA using the Growing Degree Days Calculator developed by AgroClimate. Select location, base temperature (40°F) and projected period to determine GDDs.

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